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Denis Kozhukhin

The Devilish and the Divine


  • Franz Liszt: La lugubre gondola S 200
  • Franz Liszt: Unstern! Sinistre, disastro S 208
  • Franz Liszt : Nuages gris S 199
  • Franz Liszt : Am Grabe Richard Wagners S 202
  • György Ligeti: L'escalier du diable
  • Franz Liszt: Bénédiction de Dieu dans la Solitude
  • Franz Liszt: Piano Sonata in B minor S 178


  • Denis Kozhukhin - piano


400 - 900 CZK
7 11 2023
Tuesday 19.30

Few Russian cities have given the world as many great pianists as Nizhny Novgorod. In the hometown of pianist and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy, within five years of each other Denis Kozhukhin, Igor Levit and Daniil Trifonov were born. The eldest of them will visit Prague again with a dramaturgically refined recital composed of works by Franz Liszt and György Ligeti, which will explore the darkness of hell and the blue of heaven. The recital will open with La Lugubre Gondola, composed by Liszt during his visit to Richard Wagner in Venice in anticipation of the great composer’s death, which came two months later. Also in the titles of the subsequent pieces we then find words like tomb, ominous or disaster. The mood changes abruptly with Ligeti’s virtuoso etude, The Devil’s Staircase, to finally find redemption in Liszt’s masterpiece Sonata in B minor.