Greetings from the Firkušný family

Through wartime, political upheavals and pandemics, music remains a messenger that brings to humanity healing, hope and an invincible faith in goodness and beauty. It is with joy and deep appreciation that we congratulate the Prague Spring Festival on the eighth incarnation of the Rudolf Firkušný Piano Festival.  On the occasion of receiving an honorary doctorate from Charles University’s Philosophical Faculty in 1990, Rudolf Firkušný said: “When I am playing Beethoven’s late sonatas, we enter together – my listeners and I – a wondrous world….  Everything transitory moves aside; everything permanent, that which philosophy strives for, comes forward, begins to penetrate our minds, fills our spirits with new knowledge, carries off our souls in new directions.”  We wish all festival listeners a fulfilling experience on this spiritual journey.

The family of Rudolf Firkušný